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diptych # 138 ~ dark places

garage / subway ~ New York, NY • click to embiggen

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diptych # 137 ~ the circle is complete

art maker and his art ~ here and there • click to embiggen

On very cold day in late November 2013, I was roaming the streets of Pittsburgh, PA making pictures. While doing so, I came upon a person painting / making a picture so I made a picture of the the scene. A scene which struck me (amongst other things) as an exercise in extreme dedication to craft/art.

Now, fast forward to yesterday evening when, at the dinner table, grad school-girl - formerly coma-girl - soon to be attorney-girl, presented the wife and I with a to-be-shared his-and-her's birthdays gift of a book, PITTSBURGH ~ 90 Neighborhoods. Lo and behold, the paintings were made by Ron Donoughe, none other than the earnest and dedicated painter pictured in my picture.

Nice book, nice gift with a seemingly random connection.
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what is a photograph? (V2) # 17-18 ~ a new barrier

what is a photograph? # • click to embiggen
what is a photograph? # • click to embiggen

While in NYC recently, I made some pictures that some would label "street photography". In the process thereof I also made a new construction site barrier picture for use in my what is a photograph? series which continues to be a work in progress. The question now becomes, how many different construction site barriers do I need for the series?

The possible answer to that question floating around in my head is that, with the goal of creating a 20 picture body of work, I should use 5 separate construction site barriers and insert 4 square picture variations for each separate wall - essentially making 5 different yet thematically and visually similar "mini" series within the total body of work.

When it comes to picturing construction site barriers, the epicenter of those barriers is NYC where construction / renovations projects never end. While this suggests that another trip to NYC is in my near-term future, I will most likely have to only walk around a few city blocks to make more than enough barrier pictures.

FYI, see some of the barrier V1 pictures HERE

diptych # 136 / civilized ku # 2904 ~ New York, New York

desktop - NYC collection ~ Au Sable Forks, NY _ in the Adirondack PARK1044757-26270260-thumbnail.jpg
garbage day ~ East Village / New York, New York • click to embiggen
NYC sunrise / sunset (your choice) ~ Chelsea / New York, New York • click to embiggen
No Photography ~ Governors Island / New York, New York • click to embiggen

Back home in the desktop once again - processing 50+ pictures made during my NYC visit - albeit only a very brief reprieve inasmuch as the Summer hockey tournament travel continues today.

The NYC visit was very productive, picture making wise. I made more than enough "serious" pictures to last for more than a month of posting / entries. Although, I'll probably post more than one picture per entry since there a few diptych pairings in the group as well as a spate of referent-related pictures. And, I think that there's also a book in it.
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wood camera (iPhone app) # 6-7 ~ escape from New York

NYC ~ seashellsNYC single woman-ish

Heading over to Brooklyn to pick up the wife who, along with assorted family members, attended a Who concert last evening. Then it's off to the North Country.

This entry is the last of the NYC tourist pictures. Next up, some "serious" NYC pictures.
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civilized ku # 2903 / Polamatic # 12-15 ~ old blue eyes / he did it his way

NYC ~ pastry and a cigaretteNYC ~ Wall Street neighborhood /eating dinnerNYC ~ cheeseNYC ~ Flatiron buildingNYC ~ lower Manhatten from Govenors Island

When in NYC, one expects to see some strange and unusual things. However, I can not remember ever seeing anything as strange the picture of Frank Sinatra we saw hanging in a pastry shop / eatery.

IMO, that's one seriously weird / almost surreal picture.

FYI, I am still in NYC and am posting Polamatic pictures because I have arrived at a point where I have decided that, in addition to my normal / "serious" picture making when traveling, I will make pictures with the iPhone Polamatic app because - despite my eye for exquisite seeing and the arranging of elements on the 2D surface of a print - they look like typical tourist travel pictures. While this picture making M.O. is not the next thing, it will, in fact, constitute the beginnings of a new thing / body of work.

And, BTW, after I return home on Wednesday I will set about processing - and subsequently posting - my "serious" pictures made during my NYC visit.
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Polamatic # 8-11 ~ we're all here because we're not all there

NYC ~ Sophie's (bar) • East VillageNYC ~ E4th window view / treeNYC ~ cactusNYC ~ kitchen trashSaturday night and Sunday morning in NYC. More Sunday + Monday and Tuesday to follow.

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polaroid transfer ~ a digital return to yesteryear?

cottage garbage ~ Chaffeys Lock • Ontario, Canada • click to embiggen

Back in the Analog Days I used to really enjoy making Polaroid image transfer prints. I made mine from pictures made with a 4×5 view camera using Polaroid film.

The process was relatively simple - after making the picture, leave the film packet in the holder (do not process). Prepare paper for transfer by tray soaking in warm water and then, on a smooth flat surface, squeegee off the surface water (Arches heavyweight watercolor paper was my favorite substrate). Pull the film from the holder to begin processing. After 10-15 seconds, peel apart and place negative face down on substrate and immediately apply pressure with a photo print roller. After a minute or two (test to determine time that suits your taste), peel negative from substrate and there you have it.

Taking the process one step further, after the print had dried, I would use a combination of Marshall Photo Oils and Coloring Pencils to work on an area of the print I wished to highlight. Hand coloring in this manner gave the image a more hand made / illustrated appearance.

The finished image area was small as dictated by the size of the Polaroid film but I liked to place that small image area centered on a large sheet of paper (11×14-ish). Paper which would be finished with torn edges made by ripping it using a metal straight edge in order to leave a relatively straight yet rough edge. IMO, and to my eye and sensibilities, the transfer process look with selective hand coloring working together with the look and feel of slightly warm tinted and textured fine art watercolor paper created a beautiful print.

As part of my recent screwing around, picture making wise, I have figured out how to get a Polaroid transfer look to my digital pictures. I can even approximate a hand colored look to a selected area of the picture. But, to be honest, this replicated look is just not the same as the real thing. So ...

.... Fuji now offers a 4×5 instant peel-apart film and holder. If I want to go the whole handmade route of my past transfer image making, that product would be a way to go. And, believe it or not, I still have my print roller, print squeegee and Marshall oils and pencils.

However, I do like the idea of creating the transfer look - minus the transfer process border - using some of my existing pictures, printing them digitally on a nice textured matte surface printing paper. Then I would go to work with the oils and pencils. I believe that the finished look would be very much like, perhaps nearly identical, to the analog print making process.

This process would have 4 distinct advantages - 1) image size could be whatever I want it to be, although I would keep it smallish (6-8 inch longest side dimension), 2) an edition of multiple "original" prints (low number 5-8) is possible and easier to produce than with the analog process, 4) applying marshall oils is a touchy (literally and figuratively) process and there is no undo once the oil is applied - if you mess it up, it's all the way back to making a new negative and print (very time consuming), not so with digital printing, 4) I have quite a few existing pictures which would make good transfer style images, allowing me to jump right into the process.

While I would like to pursue this process, it will be a while until I can do so. At this time, I have little too much going on to have the time to devote to it.
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