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This blog is intended to showcase my pictures or those of other photographers who have moved beyond the pretty picture and for whom photography is more than entertainment - photography that aims at being true, not at being beautiful because what is true is most often beautiful..

>>>> Comments, commentary and lively discussions, re: my writings or any topic germane to the medium and its apparatus, are vigorously encouraged.

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Ireland / Scotland # 16-18 ~ it all depends upon how you look at it

grave yard ~ Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen

Whatchta Mc Collum's ~ Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen

milling around ~ on the road to Glencolmcille, County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen


When I am finished making final pictures from Ireland and Scotland, I will have over 225 'final' pictures. Some of which are holiday pictures, some of which are more than that. My intent is to edit the pictures down to 60 selects to be printed in a book. Although, I am also giving thought to creating 2 books - one comprised of 'holiday' type pictures, one comprised of (dare I write?) 'fine art' type pictures.


What, you might ask, is the difference between the two types? Good question and one about which I have been pondering.

To my eye and sensibilities, the difference is along the lines of what one chooses to put within the frame of a picture. In the case of 'holiday' pictures, the content is about an specific object (people, places, things) - the replication / representation of a singular referent and everything about those pictures is aimed at drawing the viewers attention directly to, as Joel Meyerwitz states, "the copy of an object in space."

Hopefully, in the making of a 'holiday' picture, the picture maker is attuned to light, framing, et al in the cause of making a visually pleasing picture. If that attention to picture making detail is linked to an object of some interest, the picture maker will have a pleasing 'holiday' picture which can hold the viewer's eye for for more than just a passing glance. I have made my fair share of such pictures.

When I attempt to make 'fine art' pictures, while there is usually a singular object which has prick my eye and sensibilities but I am also drawn to its tenuous relationship to other unrelated things. Relationships which create a visual tension - I think of it as visual energy - which can cause 'vibrations' in the viewer's eye and sensibilities.

In other words, my pictures are about more than the singular object of my attention. They are also about light, color, shapes, and tonal qualities and the visual energy created by their tacit yet tenuous interaction / relationship. I want the viewer's eye and thought to careen around the 2-dimensional surface of the print, held in check only by the frame I have imposed upon the scene. Although, that written, the viewer's thoughts may try to break out of the frame in order to consider what might lie beyond.

For certain, a 'holiday' type picture is a much easier 'read' that is a 'fine art' type picture. Especially so if the viewer's sensibilities are not attuned - consciously or not - to those qualities which cause a picture to 'sing'.

civilized ku # 4004-06 (ku-ish) ~ hockey trip with a twist

Kingston Bay / looking toward Plymouth ~ Duxbury, MA. click to embiggen

shoreline foliage ~ Kingston Bay / Duxbury, MA. click to embiggen

Hugo / striped bass ~ Kingston Bay / off Duxbury, MA.


Our own cottage. Salt Water fishing. Neither are normally part of a hockey tournament trip.


However, on this trip to Kingston, MA. - Cape Cod / 35 miles south of Boston - thanks to one wing of the wife's extended family, we have own cottage (some might call it a house) next to the that family's house on Cape Cod and Hugo's gets to take an early AM fishing expedition, with our host as as fishing guide, aboard the family's boat. Add to that the fact that all our meals are prepared by our hostess and all I can ask is, "Why aren't all hockey trips like this?"

civilized ku # 4003 ~ mosquito in repose  

mosquito hawk ~ Au Sable Forks, NY - in the Adirondack PARK click to embiggen

As much as it pains me to write it, I may end up creating the new blog on a latest and greatest Squarespace template. It pains me inasmuch as I feel as thought I have been manipulated - problems / compromises galore on this current platform / template. Makes feel like I am rewarding bad behavior.

In any event, I have set up a few items and made a blog entry on a demo basis. You can check it out HERE. It may ask you to enter the site by clicking on Visitor Access and it might take you to the site home page (very much under construction). If so, just click on BLOG (in the upper right) to get to the blog.

Comments welcome and appreciated - here or there.

FYI, even more picture updates on markhobsonblog as well as a text entry (click on urinal picture to read).

Ireland / Scotland # 16 ~ miles to go before I sleep

Chas. McHugh / Nancy's ~ Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen

I returned from Ireland / Scotland with approximately 1200 picture files. I had absolutely no idea that I had made that many pictures.

To date I have processed 404 files. Eventually I'll work my way through the lot of them and then I can start on the edit.

FYI, even more updates on markhobsonblog

Ireland / Scotland # 15 ~ more's the pity

An Port / "Ghost Village" ~ near Glencolmcille / County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen

While in Ireland and Scotland, I made only a couple pano pictures. After merging 5 individual pictures to create this pano, I regret not having made more.

FYI, more updates on markhobsonblog


Ireland • Scotland # 14 / WP updates ~ where is it headed?

dusk ~ Pennan, Scotland • click to embiggen

Now that my rambling daze is over - at least for the time being - I have some time to think. And thinking is what I'm doing.

THINKING ITEM # 1: what to do with this blog. It is apparent there are no fixes coming, re: resizing and posting issues, so I've given up hope on that issue. And, I am very displeased with the fact that when one uses the embiggen feature, the picture pops up in a window, a window over which I can not specify size and add scrolling - an issue which is now part and parcel of the goofy work around needed to post pictures. All in all, very frustrating.

I am giving thought to harvesting all of the text from the blog, deleting all of the entry pictures, keeping just the links to my Bodies of Work pictures, putting a link to WordPress and letting the whole thing be dormant. Assuming ...

THINKING ITEM # 2: that Wordpress is the best format for a new blog. At this point it might have to do. I am still exploring the free format's capabilities but I think I will have to buy into the paid subscription to get more custom control over / more features with the format.

I really like the all-picture presentation on the 'front page' of the current format I am using. However, I hope visitors will know enough to click on the pictures for more information and my commentaries (reference Item # 3). Consequently, I will most likely be trying a more conventional blogging format of single column entries with text visible. Opinions on either approach appreciated.

THINKING ITEM # 3: how much more commentary will I be posting? Current answer: I don't know but I am leaning toward letting my pictures do the talking because ...

THINKING ITEM # 4: I want to spend more time organizing and printing portfolios of my bodies of work. That is, to put more effort into getting my work in front of gallery directors. And/or writing a book, significant overview of my pictures included, about my approach, thoughts and ideas on the medium and its apparatus. Which also leads to ...

THINKING ITEM # 5: a hankering for a more focused approach to picture making. That is to write, less discursive promiscuity in order to concentrate on a specific body of work - existing or new - and by doing so, giving myself the chance to go 'deep'.

And so it goes. Just thought I'd let you know what I'm thinking.

FYI, more new pictures posted on

civilized ku # 4000-02 ~ another day older and another 250 miles under my belt(ed tires)

Hugo goes for the rebound ~ Jay Peak Resort, Vt. • click to embiggen

lunch ~ Jay Peak Resort, VT. click to embiggen

wire with dead vine ~ Pittsburgh, PA. click to embiggen

This weekend past was supposed to be my second weekend at home over the past 13 weeks.


There was an 'emergency' hockey tournament, that is playing for team on which Hugo is a not a regular member. He really wanted to play because it was with older kids - he's an '04 (birth year) and the team is an '03 team - and would be a faster paced brand of hockey. The only available hockey chauffeur was yours truly so I am now 1 for 13, weekend at home wise.

FYI, more updates on WordPress

Ireland / Scotland # 13 ~ starting the transition

tub lady ~ Adara / County Donegal, Ireland • click to embiggen

I'm starting my transition to WordPress. I've found a theme / format that I like and I have posted pictures today. Still working out the methodology of making an entry but I'm getting close.

See the updates HERE