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Mark Hobson is a family guy lucky enough to be living in his favorite place on earth, the Adirondacks. In addition to Advertising Creative Director and Commercial Photographer, I am also a wilderness guide. Around these parts, people recognize me as the original on-air host, writer and co-producer of the PBS series, Adirondack Outdoors.

My commercial photography clients have included many Fortune 500s including, Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Ray Ban, Corning, Heinz, RT French, and Quaker State. My commercial work includes People/Fashion, Food, Still Life, and Corporate Communications. My editorial/feature photography has appeared on the covers and in feature articles of too many trade/consumer magazines to mention. I also have 2 hard-bound coffee table books to my credit - The Duquesne Club Cookbook and Allegheny General ~ Portrait of An Urban Hospital

In addition to my passion for photography and my grandson, other interests include canoeing, wilderness camping, winter mountaineering/camping, golf, xc skiing, snowshoeing, music, high-end hi fi, reading, as well as being a 2-time Silver Medalist in amateur luge competition.

And, much love and thanks to the wife, a.k.a. the Trophy Bride, the Blog Widow, the Long-Suffering Saint, and so on.


For me, memories are like dreams. They tickle, tease, and sometimes taunt my conscious self with slippery remembrances that can't be fully owned. Tangled hints of experience and feelings past swirl and ferment in a cauldron of haunting visions that, however vague, are indelibly etched on a virtual fabric tinted with the bittersweet wash of ambiguity and the quest to understand.

Once upon a time, I had dreams that my Adirondack photographs would posit answers about the beauty of nature. Now, I think that they pose many questions about the nature of beauty. As I grope furtively and photographically through the fields of genius in the details, I feel like a stranger in a strange land where my photographs seem more like jamais vu glimpses of lost connections to something intuitively known rather than documents of fully conscious waking experieinces.

The creation of my Adirondack Dream Memories - ku - photographs is driven by a seemingly preternatural vision obsession with the elemental and the complex, so, for me, the Adirondacks is a field of dreams come true.