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ku # 518 ~ a delightful surprise

opposits attractclick to embiggen
Recently, I mentioned that I have been looking around the web for some photo blogs worth reading / looking at. While doing a google search for a photo blog that I thought I knew the name of, I ended up on this site - the blog of a painter who lives on the fringe of the Adirondack region - instead.

Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by paintings of scenes close to my home with which I am very familiar and some of which I have pictured in a strikingly similar manner. Yoi and double Yoi - I didn't know whether to cry or wind my watch and you could have knocked me over with a feather.

In any event, if you peruse Takeyce Walter's paintings, when you come to Birch and Maple Trees, you will notice that it has a SOLD sign. As soon as it arrives at my house, Birch and Maple Trees and my Cascade Lakes Blackies will be framed side by side in a single frame and placed in our newly renovated bedroom.

I also believe that Birch and Maple Trees will not be last of my purchases from Takeyce Walter.

Reader Comments (2)

Is this photo from your Ku series Mark? It's keeping the tree trunks themselves in the shadows, their shape/"movement" become the most important aspects (for me)...but you also managed to keep just enough detail in the trunks to be able to see the scrolling lines in their bark as well...then filled the background with a glowing light and sourrounded the trunks with a "green turning to red" that looks much different in shadow than it does in the lit background.

Seems to me I see many more "glowing" subjects with dark backgrounds than I do the opposite like you've done gives the scene a depth and "movement" I'm not used to experiencing. This is a perfect example (for me) of why I feel there are still pictures that need to be taken of snowstorms and mountains...or in this case, foliage and forests. The "Mark Hobson" vision is entirely present here. I think it's unimaginative to believe we cannot possibly "see" things differently than they have been seen in the past.

May 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJames

Thank you for your kind words, Mark. Your Cascade Lakes Blackies is beautiful, and it's an honor that you chose my Birch and Maple Trees as its companion piece.

cheers! Takeyce

May 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTakeyce Walter

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